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The prophetic Sense of Humor

Anas  narrates that once a man asked the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for a camel as a conveyance for him. The Prophet was in a jolly mood, so He said, "Yes I will give you, but a calf (baby camel). 
That person could not understand and got surprised and said, "O’ Messenger of Allah! what will I do with a calf of a camel (meaning how can I ride a calf)? "The Prophet, then, said while smiling "Every camel is the calf of a camel (Al-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud) ... more

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The Month of Peace, Tolerance and Civilization Building

The terrorist groups have accustomed us to killing and bombing in the holy month of Ramadan. With the arrival of the holy month, Daesh has been quick to remind us of its despicable atrocities by the suicide bombing of all the members of three families, young and old, in churches of the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. We have not forgotten the extent of Daesh’s madness when it targeted the Great Mosque of Mecca in Ramadan 2017, and its failed attempt to target the fasting Muslims in the Haram Al-Madinah in Ramadan in 2016. Since Daesh, Muslims have witnessed countless bloody Ramadans where unspeakable acts of aggression have been perpetrated in markets and mosques to implement Baghdadi’s message that there is, “No work in this holy month better than Jihad”.
The ... more

What is the best policy to confront extremist and terrorism in the Muslim world?
Military and tight security policies
Refuit the religious bases of extremism
Containment policies
There is no way to confront terrorism
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Sawt Al-Hikma (The Voice of Wisdom)

Sawt Al-Hikma has been created in response to the growing desire from the OIC member states and the wider international community for the establishment of a center to address the multifaceted dimensions of the phenomenon of violent extremism and terrorism through internet and social media, delegitimize and deconstruct the extremist narratives and promote positive alternatives.

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